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Spring Workshops


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introduction to monoprinting

A Monoprint is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once because it has been treated in a unique way through inking, wiping or the use of chine collé. In this workshop you will use varied materials and found objects, including foam, textured papers, leaves, feathers and fabrics, to make, combine and develop printed images. You will be able to experiment with hand burnishing and our tabletop etching press to produce a small series of unique prints to take home.


Saturday 5th October

Thursday 10th October

Friday 18th October

Sunday 27th October


Thursday 7th November

Friday 15th November

dry-point etching

Drypoint etching is an intaglio form of printmaking. A drypoint needle is used to scratch an image onto a metal or plastic plate and ink is pushed into the grooves created by the needle. In this workshop using acetate plates, you will learn how to use a drypoint needle to incise lines and will explore sanding, cutting and layering of the acetate plate to create varied and experimental images. You will learn how to ink your plate, prepare your paper and print using our tabletop etching press. By the end of the workshop you will have an edition of at least 5 prints to take home.


Friday 4th October

Saturday 12th October

Thursday 17th October


Saturday 16th November

painting with acrylics

Using our Planet Claire portrait collection as inspiration this workshop will introduce you to the fun and colourful medium of acrylics. Learn basic colour theory, practice a variety of painting techniques, and through guided steps produce your own colourful Planet Claire portrait! This workshop also allows those of you who have basic acrylic knowledge to develop your skills further.


Thursday 3rd October

Friday 11th October

Saturday 19th October

Thursday 24th October


Friday 8th November

Thursday 14th November


Inspired by Stormcrow’s Mini-museums this workshop will introduce you to “Assemblage” art. Assemblage is an artistic medium usually comprised of "found" objects arranged in such a way that they create a composition which can tell a story. It is similar to collage and can utilize mixed media and found objects.

Using shadow box frames, our themed workshops will walk you step-by-step through the process of artistically arranging and securing objects to produce a unique work of art.

Our first themed assemblage will be the "Feathered Nest" Mini-Museum.

This mini-museum assemblage features a beautiful antique botanical bird illustration (of your choice), a poetic quotation, natural elements found in the bush (twigs, leaves and feathers), artificial speckled eggs in a nest and a choice of complementary backgrounds.


Sunday 13th October

Friday 25th October

Linocut basics

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the foundations of this dynamic and popular form of printmaking. Using an image that you have chosen, learn how to transfer your design to vinyl, use lino tools to cut, ink up your lino plate and, using a small etching press, print a one colour design.


Sunday 6th October

Saturday 26th October


Print your own Christmas Cards - Saturday 9th November

Sunday 10th November

Print your own Christmas Cards - Sunday 17th November


Stormcrow will also be hosting a “Studio Session” every Thursday from 5.30pm - 7.30pm…for all those creative folk who need a space to gather, work, experiment and create with like-minded people. The studio’s tabletop etching press and other tools will be available to use during these sessions, please be in contact via Stormcrow’s email ( to discuss joining in as the studio has a limited capacity.